Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Storyboards ago go!

Well... I haven't kept to my word once again! A blog post a month seems to be becoming a nasty habit :S But I have been doing work, I promise!

Since the pitch I have re-written my script what feels like a million times over, and I am finally happy with it... I think! Now that it's done I can visualise the story in my head which has really helped. Here's the script so far:

Nestling Plot Finished

Now that my script has been finalised, I've been able to crack on with the storyboards finally, hurrah! I think I went a bit overboard with them as they are far too detailed and took me yonks to complete! Also I had a dim moment and forgot you could use cameras in certain programmes to capture pans and movements in shot... so instead I drew out every camera movement. Ah well! I have sent the storyboards to my coursemate Andy Luck, who is helping me put the storyboards together to make up the animatic and is also collecting sounds because the animatic needs to have a scratch track. Here are my completed storyboards, and I will put the animatic on here as soon as possible. Toodle ooo!

Nestling storyboard

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