Tuesday, 12 April 2011

3rd year project update!

Ooo eck I should have put these piccies up quite a while ago, yet another slap on the wrist for me! :S Here are some piccies of the latest set I've been working on for the 3rd year stop motion project 'The Musician,' it took me about a week to complete and I'm pretty happy with the results :) As with the last set, I added sections of cardboard to add 3d window panes, and mapped out what I was going to paint. I then added acrylic colour to it and added final detail using lots of different sized fineliners and also special textured paper for the roof tiles to make the buildings look more realistic. It was quite awkward to paint because there are so many angles and I had to lean pretty far to paint some bits which nearly resulted in me falling and squishing the poor thing on a number of occasions! But I managed to complete it, hurrah! Here are some piccies showing my progression :)

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