Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Maya Environment: the finished interior!!

Well I must admit this laat week has been bloomin' knackering! After a lot of stressing, foul language and hundreds of cups of tea, I finally managed to complete my own Maya interior for the CGI environment project that we were set. When I first heard about this project I once again went into panic mode as soon as I heard the word 'Maya' due to my previously stressful and less than perfect maya encounters.
But after practising the numerous techniques that we were taught through CGI tutorials, I managed to piece together a version of my halls room here in falmouth in maya, and I am kind of proud of it (seeing as I was struggling to make a curved line in maya a couple of weeks ago!) I know it's nothing special and the room looks ALOT like something of 'the sims,' but here it is.. see what you think :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi babe
    love the annimation, see new you could do it. i recon pixar will be giving you a ring any day now !!!!! :D who said she couldn't use computers ! cant wait to see you loads of luv dad xxxx